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So, who else wants to play Peeps Revolution with me? Saw the link over at [ profile] cogoths and thought it was totally funny :))

What say you? PEEPS? YES?
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BTW, I really appreciate you guys hanging in there with me as I bitch and moan about my health. My goal for 2009 is to regain my health fully and to implement strategies for pain management that are helpful and not all-consuming.


I have $7.34 in cash until I'm paid on the 31st. LOLOLOLOL!!!! Because, really, how lame is that? One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to not use credit cards anymore and to pay cash for everything (I have a few exceptions to this rule, such as buying plane tickets, etc). We have a set budget and we're sticking to it. IT'S REALLY HARD! *FLAIL*


Here are, hopefully, my upcoming travel plans. April: possibly Las Vegas to visit [ profile] cryptaknight and to see The Cure (Liz, I'm still waiting on the funds that would facilitate this). May/June: Birmingham to visit [ profile] longtimegone! June: New Mexico and Arizona, roadtrip to Orme for the annual reunion. It's not my reunion year (I'm class of '87) but a lot of my friends from high school are going, and I would really love to see them, and also to show Shawn and the kids where I went to high school and what that experience was all about. Then, we plan to visit the Grand Canyon, which Shawn really wants to see. I hope to visit my cousin and aunt in Phoenix while we're there, too. And, of course, to visit my New Mexico friends on the way there/back. August: Roadtrip to Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, for a week on Shawn's father and step-mother's farm. Total R&R, and I have not yet gone up with them to the farm. Shawn's dad and stepmom are awesome, and it'll be good to see them again, and hopefully Shawn's brothers and sister, too.
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I suppose it would help me to add your Twitter accounts if I did not disable comments, like I did on my last post - DUH! So, yes, if you'd like to add me, feel free. Also feel free to leave your Twitter info if you would prefer me to add you. I did add back everyone who added me yesterday. (How many times can I use the word "add" in one post?). Anyhow, a quick repost:

|| Follow Me on TWITTER if You're So Inclined || Yes, I'm getting with the program re: Twitter. I'd love to follow you, so if you want to leave me a link to your profile, please feel free. I've had my account for almost a year, but just decided to figure out how to use it this weekend. It wasn't so difficult to figure out, although it had been giving me trouble last year.

I'm fascinated by the current brou-ha-ha over at Facebook. I'm guessing most of you have heard or read about it, but for those of you who don't use Facebook, basically a new layout/redesign was implemented, oh, a week or ten days ago, and it's a blatant rip off of Twitter. FB users are all up in arms about the redesign because, well, if we wanted to use Twitter, we would, you know, use Twitter. Twitter is a fun thing and it's relevant. But Facebook is also fun and relevant. They are different social networking tools. I prefer the old Facebook layout and I've been leaving comments expressing my POV; the change prompted me to dust off my Twitter account, though, and figure out how to use it. I think it's patently dumb for FB to try and copy Twitter and I think that their redesign did nothing but muck up Facebook's awesomeness. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's CEO, tried to buy Twitter for $500M, but was not successful. So, what? JUST COPY IT, THEN? *shakes head* Some interesting links if you're following the issue:

Facebook Haters Reach a Million Strong - Valleywag 3/23/09 - More than a million Facebook users have voted against Facebook's latest redesign, which displays an unreadable spew of friends' status updates on the homepage. A flack says the company is "listening carefully." Yeah, right! Facebook redesigns have always attracted an almost ludicrous amount of controversy, going back to its roots on protest-happy college campuses. But the outcry this time is different.

Even Facebook Employees Hate the Redesign - Valleywag 3/20/09 - The feedback on Facebook's new look, which emphasizes a stream of Twitter-like status updates, is almost universally, howlingly negative. Why isn't CEO Mark Zuckerberg listening to users? Because he doesn't have to, he's told employees.

Facebook Faithful Turn Against Mark Zuckerberg's Redesign - Valleywag 3/19/09 - When will Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wake up and realize he made an idiotic mistake by copying Twitter? The Facebook-loving masses loathe the new look — as do Facebook's best pals in Silicon Valley.

10 Reasons Why Facebook Now Sucks - AlterNet 3/17/09 - The new "redesign" of Facebook, which was released earlier today to a "select" group of users (sadly, me included) was clearly designed by a 5-year-old -- oh wait, no, I take that back ... my daughter could design a better front end than they did. They took a lot of functionality, customization and filtering capability out of the home page and replaced it with Twitter-like features, which is to say, they dumbed it down for children. I don't think I have ever before seen such a global removal of functionality touted as a revolutionary beneficial redesign for all end users. It ended up being quite the opposite.

What Was Mark Zuckerberg Smoking When He Redesigned Facebook? - Valleywag 3/17/09 - Has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg been driven mad by envy? In his effort to redesign his social network in the image of Twitter, he may well end up destroying everything good about it, users say. Valleywag alumnus Paul Boutin, now writing in the New York Times, dismisses the complaints as "inevitable" gripes from people who don't like change. That may have been true for Facebook's substantial revamp last fall, which smartly cribbed some elements from Twitter. But as people get used to the latest changes, they're starting to realize that this redesign is simply, objectively bad.


You can purchase Aretha Franklin's hat for $179.00 from Mr. Song Millinery. I've seriously thought about getting one for myself because, dudes, that hat rules.


And, finally, the day would not be complete without Stephen Colbert weighing in on the matter, on The Today Show with Meredith Viera. When Meredith asked Stephen if he "Twitters," Stephen replies, "Yes, I have twatted." - News Wrecker 3/19/09 - Of course there's video! Click the link!
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I am thrilled the president signed into law the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act today. Well done, sir! (Not that you wanted to, mind)

I am a registered Republican, as some of you know, and have been my entire adult life. I have no plans to change this, and while many of you might find this to be ill informed or silly, or a useless gesture of sorts, because in our general elections I can vote for whoever I want, regardless of party affliation, I choose to flex my individual political muscle at the primary level. Thus, my party affiliation. I'm very comfortable with my personal position on this. Socially, I am a raging, bleeding-heart liberal. However, I am actually fairly fiscally conservative -- or perhaps fiscally prudent is a better way to put it. I believe in cautious spending and living within one's means on an individual level, and don't find it unreasonable to want the government to do the same. Am I perfect financially? No. Do I disdain material goods? Uh, no . . . *covets* But, seriously, in principle I believe in well controlled spending and financial allocation. I do not agree with the Emergency Economic Stabilization Bill on principle and I support the idea of increased regulations for the banks and Wall Street -- it's not like the writing wasn't on the wall for years before the house of cards imploded. I fully believe in the principle of people before things, and in that regard I do believe the Republican party has drifted too far and is misguided. Quite frankly, I don't understand how the party reconciles its disparate positions on money and life and people. I'm willing to put aside my personal disdain for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Bill in exchange for the passage of the Mental Health Parity Act. For me, as an American and as a citizen who sees the underbelly of our society on a daily basis, this is an acceptable exchange. People before things, because it shouldn't matter how many toys you have when you die.

So, the meat of the bill:

President Bush signed into law today the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, after the House of Representatives passed the act by a vote of 263-171. Congress joined the parity bill with the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, the legislation created to address the economic situation.This is a huge victory for people affected by mental illness.

The mental health parity legislation signed into law provides equitable coverage of medical-surgical and mental health and addiction benefits in healthcare plans that offer mental health coverage. The bill prohibits health insurance plans sponsored by businesses with 50 or more employees from imposing day and visit limits or applying different deductibles, copayments, out-of-network charges and otherfinancial requirements for mental health treatment. The act builds onthe 1996 Parity Act, which provided limited parity for lifetime and annual dollar limits.

The text of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act can be viewed here. The section on mental health parity is located on pages 310-344 of the displayed law.

As a probation officer who supervises severely mentally ill offenders, I cannot be more thrilled by this particular act of legislation.
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I know I haven't updated re: my weight loss in a long time, but I've lost 93 pounds total! Seven more pounds and I'll have lost an even 100 POUNDS! w00t! Yes, I will definitely post pictures ASAP. With all the craziness going on since March, I just haven't kept up with my pics like I had originally wanted to.

I also went ahead and joined the summer fitness challenge at my gym, that runs from June 30th to August 4th. There were three levels to sign up for: Gold, Silver or Bronze. I went ahead and signed up for Bronze (2 workouts per week). I tend to fall into the mindset that if I'm not doing something, like exercising, OMG EVERYDAY, that I'm not doing it "right." Well, whatever. Twice a week is just going to have to do. I can set higher goals from there.

It's off to Physical Therapy at 8, and then the kidlets and I will head to my office for a few hours. I've loaded my iPod with Pixar movies. Perhaps I'll have them clean my desk while we're there.

Regarding the day camp issue, S and I will just be taking care of the kids ourselves, using our flex time options. We also plan to hire someone to come into the home part-time.

I might try and get my hair cut today. It's been... wow, I think it's been since February, when I went to [ profile] shakespearechic's wedding. With a blunt bob cut, that's WAY too long. I look like The Creeper from Scooby Doo...

Well, have a song: Bizarre Love Triangle covered by Charlotte Martin. I grabbed this from [ profile] audiography this morning and it's a really good cover. Bizarre Love Triangle is one of my most favorite songs ever, so I'm always willing to try a cover of it. This one is great! 4.38 MB (Megaupload)

Yay for short work weeks and upcoming holiday weekends! I've always loved the 4th of July...
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Posted on behalf of [ profile] heidi8:

[ profile] heidi8's pink Kodak camera and blue Sidekick LX were taken at Disney's Splash Mountain at around 4:30 PM on Sautrday, June 7, and she's trying to get the SD cards that were in the camera and Sidekick back; they're the only copies she has of those photos. She's asking people to pass on this message via their LJ, blog, facebook, etc., in hopes of catching the eye of the person who took it - or someone who knows who did. If that person sees this post, they can go to her livejournal post at and post anonymously (it'll be screened) so she can coordinate with them about getting the cards - and, ideally, the rest of the contents of the bag - returned.

Good luck, Heidi -- I hope you get your pictures back. Maybe it would help to post to Craigslist.
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Seen all over the place:

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So, I've started NUMB3RS, the TV series. I'm really enjoying it so far. I love law enforcement/crime-solving shows. I like the idea of math connecting seemingly random events together. I've sort of always been intrigued by the Chaos Theory, and this is kind of along those lines.


Hark! It is naptime. *flops*

Zzzzzz . . .


Oh, one more thing: Memorial Day BBQ Menu!

Rib Eye steak
baked yukon gold potatoes with the works (butter, sour cream, chives, etc)
grilled onions and mushrooms for steak
salad with bleu cheese dressing
fresh cherries

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So, two things.

One, The Cure concert was amazing. Just amazing! I had such a good time. I was waaaaaaay up in the nosebleed seats, but no matter! The set was amazing; they did four encores; I heard everything I wanted to hear. I can now die knowing my life is complete.

Two, I, of course, purchased concert wear, and for the first time in many many years I was able to buy two items in just a regular XL . . . AND THEY FIT. They fit normally. In fact, they're kind of baggy. Anyhow, I got this hoody and this shirt (but as a tank top) Where will I wear them? Probably at home. I just can't resist band paraphernalia and whatnot.


I had what I would call a mini plateau for about six weeks. Then, suddenly, I dropped fifteen pounds in two weeks. Hey, I'm not complaining. Nope, no siree bob.
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Here in Colorado, we currently have a state representative name Douglas Bruce, who has a long history of being -- from my liberal point of view -- such an ignoramus. His offensiveness runs so deep, I am never surprised by his antics, no matter how insane, irrational, despicable, rude or ignorant. Mr. Bruce, in January, was appointed to his position of State Representative after another rep left office in the middle of the term, so he was not elected. However, am I surprised that this tool comes from Colorado Springs? No, I am not. Mr. Bruce began his distinguished career in the Colorado House by being formally censured for -- no, wait for it -- KICKING A REPORTER DURING THE MORNING PRAYER. Today? Mr. Bruce, in response to a migrant worker proposal, stated, "We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado."


Representative Terrance Carroll, D-Denver, responded that, as the "son of illiterate slaves who built this country," he found Bruce's remark bigoted and said it may prompt an ethics investigation.


Got some not-so-good news about Ariel last week. I don't really feel like getting into it right now, although I'm sure I will eventually. Suffice it to say, just when I think things can't possibly get worse or more bleak, well . . . So, I'm feeling really low about that. There's nothing I can do about it. It just is what it is, but I hate it. I'm not sure if I'm maybe getting sick, too, but I was very low energy all weekend -- I just couldn't seem to muster up the will/energy to really accomplish much. I tried to give myself a break because I know that I sometimes kind of turtle when I need to emotionally process something. There's really no use in trying to fight it off -- it helps my stress level to just allow myself the rest and relaxation I need at those kind of moments. Instead of housecleaning and running a ton of errands, I watched about eight hours of Battlestar Galactica. I did some really good cooking, though, and managed to clean the downstairs bathroom and wash/fold about six loads of laundry. Nevertheless, I was dreading going into the office this morning. I had to take off last Friday unexpectedly to attend to Ariel's needs, and, frankly, I'm just emotionally tapped out right now. As you all know, my job requires me to have a lot of reserves. I just don't have any right now. I knew that having to listen to and deal with my clients' issues today would be very challenging.

And it was. Spring is here and, as usual, my entire caseload seems to be having crisises. I just was not on my game today. I felt like I was just giving lip service to my clients, and that's not my style. I felt unfocused and detached today. Not only that, but I guess my sunscreen managed to get into my right eye, and by the time I got to work from dropping the kids off at school, I was practically blind! My eye watered and watered, to the point where the skin is now kind of raw from the salt in the tears. I had to go into the bathroom at work and completely wash off my makeup, and soap up my face and give it a good scrub. Then I had to splash water onto my face and flush out my eyes for a couple minutes, and ultimately I was left with red rings around my eyes (accented with flecks of mascara) and blotches all over the rest of my face (because antibacterial handwashing soap is NOT for faces), which added to my feelings of complete and utter Okay, I'm Checking Out Now Kthx. I just sat in my office all day, going through the motions. UGH.


Rupert Grint was quoted at the IMDB today, saying the funniest thing ever about Lindsay Lohan: Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix star Rupert Grint has ruled out moving to Los Angeles to boost his movie career - in fear of meeting party girls Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton. The 19-year-old actor isn't keen on moving to Hollywood after a fraught meeting with the Mean Girls star left him disappointed by her egotistical boasts. And the British star has no intention to hook up with Lohan's former party pal Paris Hilton either. He says, "I met Lindsay last summer and she talked about herself a lot. She said she was going to win an Oscar before she turns 25. I just kept thinking, 'But you can't act'. I haven't met Paris and don't want to either. She and Lindsay are the type of girls you need to stay away from."

Best. Quote. EVER.


I have started watching a new reality TV show called Groomer Has It on Animal Planet. OMG, if you think there are divas on PR or TC? Nothing compares to the diva dog groomers on Groomer Has It. They don't even try and be subtle about dissin' the competition -- they are openly superior and condescending. The first episode featured YARN DOGS. That's right -- I guess dog groomers learn to do doggie-dos on fake dogs with yarn hair. The best one was "Tripod," so named because the groomer groomed the yarn dog's leg clear off! It was left with only three legs. If I had been that groomer, I would have styled the leg and stuck it back on the dog for judging. The latest episode started with a "quickfire" that involved sheering sheep for immunity. Then, they moved on to the Bearded Collie, which looks a lot like an Old English Sheepdog. Each groomer got their own bearded collie, and, wow, those judges were very hardcore. They got all condescending because one girl dared to use the "slicker" brush instead of the "pin" brush.

Speaking of new reality TV shows, I'm off to check out Verminators on the Discovery Channel. *zooms*
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DOTHAN, Ala. - A Dothan man attempting to report to his probation officer and pay some fines was re-arrested when he emptied his pockets for a metal detector at the Houston County Courthouse and laid out more than the usual coins and keys.

Two baggies full of marijuana came out, too, authorities said.

Malcom Williams, 51, tried to escape when the drugs appeared Thursday, but he was caught after a minor struggle and a failed attempt to Taser him, sheriff's officers said.
Story continues below ↓advertisement

"He reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful with change, U.S. currency, keys, and the marijuana was evident in his hand," Houston County Sheriff's Capt. Antonio Gonzalez said Friday. "Every now and then you have somebody who forgets what he had in his pockets."

Sheriff's Investigator Rick Clemmons said deputies had to shackle Williams instead of handcuffing him because his arm was in a sling with a cast on it.

Williams was being held in the Houston County Jail without bond for violating his probation. He pleaded guilty to felony third-degree escape in April 2007, according to court records.

It was not immediately clear if Williams had a lawyer Friday.

I told [ profile] longtimegone a recent work story over chat a couple weeks ago and had meant to post it to LJ . . . time just got away from me. Yet, the above article prompts me to share.

I get a new case: Eighteen-year-old kid, who is on probation for Theft. Originally, the kid was on juvenile probation, also for Theft, for approximately three months before he committed his first adult felony (also, not surprisingly, THEFT). For the first adult theft case, he was granted a deferred sentence and two years probation. Two weeks later, he committed his second adult felony, again Theft, and the deferred sentence was revoked in the first case and he was re-granted probation for both adult felonies. He was in jail until March 20th; he met with me on the 31st.

Horrible history. Just horrible. His first psychiatric placement was at the age of six. He was in and out of foster homes, group homes, psychiatric placements and the Division of Youth Corrections (DYC) for his entire life. Dad's a drug addict; Mom's absent; both he and his sister were removed from their parental home, etc. He can't read or write. He has no education. And his diagnosis is Bipolar and Antisocial Personality Disorder.

At the first appointment there are always standard items of business to take care of. The first thing I do with any probationer is read them the standard terms and conditions of probation (number one being: You shall not violate any local, state or federal law . . . this will be important further along in the story) and give them an opportunity to ask questions or for clarifications. Then, they initial each condition and sign and date the Court Order and the terms and conditions. Then, I collect the required DNA sample (buccal swab, kthx) and package it up for CBI, go over the required waiver of extradition and have the probationer sign it, review the federal felony firearms notification form with them, etc. The last thing I did with the new kid was to complete releases of information for various hospitals and agencies, so I could request his psych records.

So, I run the printer to grab the release of info and was gone from my desk for like, seriously, ten seconds max? I come back to my office and MY IPOD IS MISSING.


I looked at him.

ME: Did you take my iPod?
HIM: No!
ME: Are you sure? Because it was here ten seconds ago.
HIM: I totally didn't! You can search me, go ahead!
ME: Fine. Stand up.

I had a male officer come in and do a pat-down. No iPod. I searched through his coat, his hat. No iPod. So, I said:

ME: Let's go downstairs to the guard station and I'll have them wand you.
HIM: Sure, let's go.

We get downstairs and the guard is very nice and agrees to wand the guy, and she was damn thorough, too. The wand went off like ten times and we found his wallet, keys, a lighter, cigarettes, etc. Finally, the wand goes off right at his beltline, at his left hip. My colleague grabs the area, through his pants and says, "Yeah, that's an iPod. C'mon, dude. Give it up." Totally busted, he produces my iPod from his shorts, which, OMG GROSS ;0****

HIM: Ma'am, I'm really sorry . . .
ME: That? Was really fucking stupid.

I'm not one to use profanity at my clients or on the job, but it just came out. I was pissed.

So, my co-worker and I practically frog-marched him back upstairs to my office, and I am just fuming, because, holy shit, I have never in sixteen years of working in probation or with offenders had someone violate their probation WHILE THEY WERE IN MY OFFICE!!!! Much less, literally minutes after I have read them their terms and conditions of probation, which start off with "You shall not violate any local, state or federal law." I mean . . . HELLO.

ME: What were you thinking? You just violated your probation!
HIM: *now blubbering and stupid* I'm sorry! I don't know why I did it! You can raise my level of supervision or something! Put me on the ankle bracelet . . .

And I just looked at him and shook my head, because, son? Welcome to the adult system. You don't get to negotiate how a law infraction is handled. You don't get to "raise your level of supervision." You don't get to be dragged by the proverbial ear, like a bad little boy, to the electronic home monitoring department for an easy month on an ankle bracelet. You don't have anyone in your corner anymore (no guardian ad litums; no Denver Department of Human Services; no family intervention; no comprehensive family services), except maybe me, your probation officer, and you just screwed yourself so hard in that department that I'm surprised your bits weren't protruding from inside your own nose.

ME: Turn around. You're being arrested.
HIM: Aww, hell no, I ain't going back to jail!
ME: Turn around.
ME: Turn. Around.

In the meantime, my co-worker has called for backup. Then, the kid balls up his fists and makes a menacing step toward my co-worker. That was the wrong choice, as if it weren't obvious. Three male officers tackled the kid into the corner of my office and the kid fights like a cat in a gunny sack, thrown into a river. He's screaming at the top of his lungs, I'M NOT GOING TO JAIL! I'M NOT GOING TO JAIL! IF I GO TO JAIL, I'M GOING TO KILL MY-FUCKING-SELF! I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS! IF I GO BACK TO JAIL I'M GOING TO GET KILLED! Meanwhile, I'm on the phone to DPD dispatch requesting immediate police assistance -- I have to give DPD credit, because they were in my office literally within two minutes. That's some excellent response time, seriously. It took SEVEN probation officers to hold the kid down and he never stopped fighting for even a second. He bled all over my carpet, and then when the cops hauled him up and handcuffed him, he leaned into the window of my office and deliberately smeared snot and blood all over the window, which, again, can I get a OMG GROSS?!

I absolutely pressed charges against him, because you know what? If he had gotten away with stealing my iPod, I know he would have been bragging all over the place about how he punked his stupid bitch PO. Because that's how psychopaths operate and think. They disdain the rest of the world for being stupid enough to get ripped off. It wouldn't have been him who was the problem. It would have been me, because I shouldn't leave my iPod in my desktop stereo -- I deserved to be victimized, because I should be the one anticipating criminal activity, which is always inevitable. Psychopaths are disdainful mofos.

He pleaded guilty to Petty Theft and got 90 days in jail, which, to be honest, is a really long sentence for the level of crime it is, especially as I got my iPod back without any damage. Now he's in jail waiting on our revocation of probation and the sad thing is that he's probably going to go to prison -- not because I'm holding a grudge or because the Court is going to take more offense at his circumstances than it would at any other theft situation. It's sad because clearly this kid is dangerous, in that he has absolutely no impulse control -- he copped three felonies in a few months time and within 10 days of being released from custody, he's stealing his PO's personal property from her own desk! Community Corrections isn't going to take someone like this -- he has a pretty extensive history of assault cases, too. He's too volatile. And, yeah, he's got a mental illness, but lots of people have mental illness and they don't victimize others. Mental illness is not an excuse for criminal activity or choices. My supervisor and I really discussed in depth what the recommendation for this guy should be, and we kept coming back to feeling compelled to recommend prison because someone like this is too usafe to be in the community. It's not about my iPod, because, you know, whatever -- I honestly wouldn't advocate for anyone to go to the Department of Corrections for stealing an item of relatively little value (I'm not a fan of the Three Strikes laws.) It's about impulsivity. People who are impulsive compulsively are risky individuals.

It's not very often that I consider another person irredeemible, but my gut feeling on this kid is that he will be institutionalized probably for the majority of his life, and that he will never be able to overcome the hand life dealt him. Geez, he's only 18 -- it's really unfortunate.
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Today I 1) worked 9 hours, 2) managed to tour the U.S. Mint with Hunter's class and 3) with a co-worker gave a two hour presentation on probation, the Denver Drug Court and mentally ill offenders to a social work class at Metro State. *collapses*

I suppose the fact that I prioritized watching the season premiere of The Deadliest Catch over American Idol is kind of telling, yes? *sigh* I'm just not into AI this season and that bums me out. I'm not a fan of Mariah Carey at all, so I have no interest in this week's theme. Also? Man, I just don't have a favorite or even a particular person I'm pulling for. For some reason this season is missing something -- I'm just not emotionally engaged. And I know it's just TV, but I so love engaging with everyone about the results and having fun making predictions... it kind of bums me out that I'm not feeling the love this season. I hate to say that I kind of agree with Stupid Changes Introduce Problems for Idol (MSNBC)

On [ profile] jlh's recommendation, I've begun watching How I Met Your Mother and it just might possibly be the best sitcom I've ever watched! It's really funny and fresh, and quirky, too, which is almost essential if I'm going to enjoy a sitcom. The only other sitcom I ever enjoyed as much is Frasier back in the day. I'm not a big sitcom fan in general. Anyhow, I wonder if Victoria will end up being the Mother in question. Yeah, yeah, I know -- she went off to Germany and she and Ted broke up . . . but still, I wonder. *Dr. Evil pinky*

I also have Battlestar Galactica in my hot little hands, and will begin that this week as well.

I haven't done a weight loss update in a few months, for no particular reason other than I've been inordinately busy and just haven't gotten around to it. Well, I've now lost 80 pounds total and am a solid size 18 in both pants and tops. Sure, I'm looking forward to making more progress, but I'm feeling pretty damn good about dropping five sizes (and a full size in shoe, btw) I'm about halfway to goal. My energy level has increased exponentially -- I am able to walk and exercise. I'll try and get some pictures this month. I was telling [ profile] kerosinkanister that my kneecap is showing, and that I haven't seen my kneecap in about ten years. So, yeah, progress! I'm still having a hard time managing my compulsions to overeat, or to eat when I'm not hungry. I'm definitely going to need some counseling in this department. I've put in a call for a referral.

Yawn, tired now . . . ♥lovesyouall♥ Night Night!
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Okay, and Chewbroccoli is pretty funny, too.


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I'm waiting for The Wire finale to convert from .avi to .mp4, so while I'm doing that I'll fill out this meme. Gakked from [ profile] piperki:

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Today I cut all my hair off! For those of you who watch Friday Night Lights, I have Tyra's haircut, but even perhaps a wee bit shorter. For those of you who do not watch FNL, I have Posh's haircut, but with bangs and a bit shorter. Also, it's super blonde. Not sure if I love it completely yet (some of the layers are not what I envisioned) but my hair was so damaged and fried. It was time.
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Pursuant to my recent post on Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew gives an interesting interview about the rehab process and has some very insightful comments about Britney Spears and her alledged Bipolar condition. He also discusses the Dr. Phil kerfuffle. || LINK || It's about 5MB and approximately 10 minutes in length. Interesting stuff!

ETA: This is a sound file, not a video file. Dr. Drew did the interview on a radio station in DC. Just clarifying! When I clicked the link I was able to just open it in iTunes.
twoapennything: "Dear Boss" Letter from Jack the Ripper to Scotland Yard - 1888 (Dirty Martini)

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Okay, so I haven't had my own computer for two years. My system -- which had done an extremely excellent job for, like, four years --- gave up the ghost right after we moved and we just never got around to getting me a new system of my own, mainly because we have two other useable computers plus Shawn's work-issued laptop. There's something so awesome about having your own pretty-shiny, yes? My supervisor and I got on the subject of computers on Wednesday and she mentioned she had ordered a new Dell XPS desktop system for her family -- the State has a contract with Dell, so all state employees are eligible for discounts on Dell products . . . somehow I had been unaware of this, so Cheryl sent me the link to the program and the codes, etc. I saved $700, so FTW!

I reeeeeeeally went back and forth between this system and a Macbook (the State has a contract with Apple, too). As a true sign of my impending old-fartishness, I erred on the side of practicality than on the side of Teh Shiny. Obviously, we use Dells exclusive at work and I wanted a system that was compatible with that --- I do a lot of work from home. Yes, you can get Office etc for the Mac, but it was more cost effective for me to opt for the Dell.

But, wah, TEH MAC!SHINY!!!! Alas.

Actually, our plan is to purchase a Macbook as well, but that'll be further down the road. I'd like to see how the Air!Mac is received. Oh, my other purchase is a Western Digital external harddrive with 1TB of storage. I'm a media whore, so I thought it would be good to store all my music, movies and TV shows on an external drive. It'll keep the laptop's system running more easily in the long run.


Went out last night to Mezcal for drinks, in my case water, and dinner -- we celebrated [ profile] synthpudor's newfound AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP*! Congratulations, Samir ♥ Then we headed down to PS Lounge for more drinks and pool (and Darling Nikki...) This freak snowstorm blazed through Denver last night around 6:30 p.m. When I got home at 5:30, it was cold but clear. I spent about an hour ordering the Dell, and when I came out of the den there was like three inches of snow accumulated and it was snowing so hard it was falling sideways o_0 I know it's Colorado, but still it was, like, completely unexpected. Good times all around, though, despite the weather. [ profile] tartpants, I almost called you and invited you out, but didn't want to put you on the spot with the bad weather and last minute notice, etc. We really need to have a TV night or something -- I'm downloading The Boosh, btw.

* I informed Samir that I recently learned Costa Rica is, in fact, not an island in the Caribbean. *facepalm* Yeah, geography -- welcome to it, Jules.
twoapennything: "Dear Boss" Letter from Jack the Ripper to Scotland Yard - 1888 (Television)
Oddly, I'm suffering a full on bout of insomnia. I've been awake since midnight, after having fallen asleep around 10-ish. I can't seem to shut my mind down, although I'm not thinking about anything worrisome -- just work, friends, weight loss, piano lessons, etc. So, I'm up, having a burrito and some green tea and watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. And since I'm on the subject, I will briefly offer my best armchair psychologist's assessments of the celebrity participants, most of which I already shared with [ profile] jlh.


Let's move on to American Idol:

Okay, the Father/Son vibe here? SO VERY CREEPY. Now, whateverz -- I'm not opposed to people choosing abstinence for themselves, for whatever reason. Damn, I wish my parents had talked to me more about abstinence and choosing relationships, etc, more than they did. But, dudes... CREEPY AND SO WRONG!!!! (OTOH, it's our first Rymon snark of the AI season, and I'm all over that) As always, Television Without Pity sums it up best:

Bruce Dickson (19, Bastrop TX), who has never kissed a girl or had sex with a woman, and cannot stop talking about it. At 13, his dad gave him a Promise Keepers locket and they got all virginal on each other, and God was like, "This is not what I intended at all." Bruce tries to explain the weird mechanics of their creepy incest lockets, like, the dad has the "heart" and the child has the "key" and one day the "heart" will go to a "lady" but until that day, they're both content with the boy shoving his "key" in the dad's "locket" whenever he feels the urge. Even the show is like, "This makes me want to throw up." If this were a girl and her dad, the authorities would be there in a hot minute, but instead the world is like, "I don't get it, I don't want to get it, the kid looks like everybody in a gay porn anyway." High school wrestling looks up from the floor and asks, "Anybody finding this inscrutable but upsetting nonetheless?" And as if I needed to tell you this, the boy walks exactly like Ryan Seacrest. He is also pretty classically victim-beautiful in that helpless blonde Dennis Cooper way, like you don't let this kid on Greyhound without a chaperone, but the dad just managed to make the whole thing somehow even grosser. Suddenly I was like, "What is A-Fed up to these days?"

Today I went to the gym for the first time since 2000. I was really scared walking in there, but all I could do was just walk in there and get on the treadmill. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and then an upper body workout. One thing that really helped is that the weight machines at the City gym are the same kind I trained on at 24 Hour Fitness, so it came back to me really quickly how to use them, etc. I'm already really sore and I'm sure I'll be paralyzed tomorrow, heh.

Geez, I really need to get some sleep. Yet? Still wide awake. GAH.


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