Jan. 12th, 2008

twoapennything: "Dear Boss" Letter from Jack the Ripper to Scotland Yard - 1888 (Denver)

Today I bought a new piano! Well, it's not exactly new, but it's new to me :D || HUNTINGTON UPRIGHT PIANO || )

Each year here in Denver, Metro State has a piano and guitar sale -- my mom and step-dad went down on Friday and purchased a cute little Baldwin spinnet, and they saw the Huntington piano. My mom said, "Oh, yes, that's Julie's piano!" Heh! I've been looking around at pianos for about a year now; I used to play as a kid, but never really learned how to read music. Learning how to read music and play piano is definitely on my Things to Do In My Lifetime list, so I'm quite thrilled. Of course, antique pianos have a different sound than newer ones -- they tend to be more muted (although not necessarily less robust) and have a sound that I can only describe as somewhat muffled, but that's not exactly the right word. Seeing as no-one here is a concert pianist, I'm not worried about having a piano with a perfect sound quality. The upright and antique style will go perfectly in our home.

It'll be delivered tomorrow morning! I've saved all my sheet music and music books that I have collected over the years -- I have a good amount to start with. A lot of musical theater books, natch, plus Disney and some really cool retro books and individual sheet music that I inherited from my grandmother.

I'll take some pics tomorrow once it's here and in its place -- we're putting it in the dining area.



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