Apr. 15th, 2008

twoapennything: "Dear Boss" Letter from Jack the Ripper to Scotland Yard - 1888 (To-Do List)
Today I 1) worked 9 hours, 2) managed to tour the U.S. Mint with Hunter's class and 3) with a co-worker gave a two hour presentation on probation, the Denver Drug Court and mentally ill offenders to a social work class at Metro State. *collapses*

I suppose the fact that I prioritized watching the season premiere of The Deadliest Catch over American Idol is kind of telling, yes? *sigh* I'm just not into AI this season and that bums me out. I'm not a fan of Mariah Carey at all, so I have no interest in this week's theme. Also? Man, I just don't have a favorite or even a particular person I'm pulling for. For some reason this season is missing something -- I'm just not emotionally engaged. And I know it's just TV, but I so love engaging with everyone about the results and having fun making predictions... it kind of bums me out that I'm not feeling the love this season. I hate to say that I kind of agree with Stupid Changes Introduce Problems for Idol (MSNBC)

On [livejournal.com profile] jlh's recommendation, I've begun watching How I Met Your Mother and it just might possibly be the best sitcom I've ever watched! It's really funny and fresh, and quirky, too, which is almost essential if I'm going to enjoy a sitcom. The only other sitcom I ever enjoyed as much is Frasier back in the day. I'm not a big sitcom fan in general. Anyhow, I wonder if Victoria will end up being the Mother in question. Yeah, yeah, I know -- she went off to Germany and she and Ted broke up . . . but still, I wonder. *Dr. Evil pinky*

I also have Battlestar Galactica in my hot little hands, and will begin that this week as well.

I haven't done a weight loss update in a few months, for no particular reason other than I've been inordinately busy and just haven't gotten around to it. Well, I've now lost 80 pounds total and am a solid size 18 in both pants and tops. Sure, I'm looking forward to making more progress, but I'm feeling pretty damn good about dropping five sizes (and a full size in shoe, btw) I'm about halfway to goal. My energy level has increased exponentially -- I am able to walk and exercise. I'll try and get some pictures this month. I was telling [livejournal.com profile] kerosinkanister that my kneecap is showing, and that I haven't seen my kneecap in about ten years. So, yeah, progress! I'm still having a hard time managing my compulsions to overeat, or to eat when I'm not hungry. I'm definitely going to need some counseling in this department. I've put in a call for a referral.

Yawn, tired now . . . ♥lovesyouall♥ Night Night!


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