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Oddly, I'm suffering a full on bout of insomnia. I've been awake since midnight, after having fallen asleep around 10-ish. I can't seem to shut my mind down, although I'm not thinking about anything worrisome -- just work, friends, weight loss, piano lessons, etc. So, I'm up, having a burrito and some green tea and watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. And since I'm on the subject, I will briefly offer my best armchair psychologist's assessments of the celebrity participants, most of which I already shared with [ profile] jlh.

Jeff Conaway -- Actor -- Best known for his roles as Koenicke in Grease and some dude on Taxi. Whoa, this guy is really really sick. Honestly, I don't wish addiction on anyone. Seriously. Jeff will either die from his addiction or he will get clean -- it's that simple. I'm really pulling for this guy, but, frankly, the odds are stacked against him. Yes, people do die from alcohol withdrawal, and also especially from benzodiazepine withdrawal. I worked in Detox for two years and our facility wouldn't even accept benzo addicts -- they had to detox in the hospital. And I can't tell you how many alcohol withdrawal seizures we handled. Also? Dude has to lose the girlfriend if there's any hope for him to get well.

Mary Carey -- Actress -- PORN STAR, w00t! Okay, so Mary Carey? So very much with the Borderline Personality Disorder. The substance abuse, the sexual acting out (in treatment, I mean -- although maybe her career choice is also a reflection of something emotional)... just, yeah.

Brigitte Nielsen -- Actress -- Best known, I think, as Sylvester Stallone's ex-wife. You know, Brigitte is quite insightful. I like her so far.

Daniel Baldwin -- Actor -- Best known as brother to Alec. Anyway, okay, Daniel's the resident bullshitter. He comes onto the show stating he just wants to ensure his continued sobriety (the implication being that he has been clean for about a year) by "brushing up" on sobriety via rehab. He says, with utter bullshitter sincerity, "They said to me my urine screen had 900 nanograms of cocaine metabolyte in it, and I was just, that's impossible!" He goes on to suggest that perhaps his fat cells had stored cocaine and released them (this can happen with marijuana, but even marijuana clears the system in about a month, three months max). Dr. Drew was all, Um, NO. I would love to see Daniel come clean and admit his recent use. That's a big step for an addict. I can understand the fear that comes with relapse -- the addict feels shame and fear of rejection and disappointment, etc. Daniel is clearly very treatment savvy and it will be hard with him, when he participates and talks, to tell what is genuine new insight and progress and what is just that: being treatment savvy.

Jessica Sierra -- American Idol finalist. Jessica is really young and she's ambivalent about sobriety, and that's pretty normal. TMZ had reported that she's pregnant, but it hasn't been mentioned on the show yet, which I think is appropriate. One of the things that is hardest about recovery is the fact that most people kind of arrest at the age they were when drugs and/or alcohol became problematic for them -- so you get these 20, 30, 40-year-olds with the emotional IQ of a teenager. This is not a character issue per se; it's mostly a biochemical one. Substance use alters the brain's development and functioning, and it's not like anyone when they first start dabbling and getting high think that they're going to be the one to end up addicted, as opposed to someone who can enjoy the buzz/high but can take it or leave it.

Chyna Doll -- Former Professional Wrestler. Chyna's been pretty quiet so far, but she's also very ambivalent about sobriety. She's definitely contemplating right now.

Jaimee Foxworth -- I'm sorry, but it's a stretch to call her a celebrity. Anyhow, she appears to be the only marijuana addict in the group. I don't have any moral objection to social use of marijuana myself, and I support the medical use of marijuana completely. But there really are people who become addicted to weed in a way that is self-defeating and concerning. To be honest, out of all the individuals I work with who have a substance addiction, the marijuana addicts have the hardest time quitting and staying clean. She's not really participating so far, so I don't have any further comments on her.

Shifty Shellshock -- Ex-Frontman for Crazy Town. I don't have any comments on Shifty yet, as he's not really been featured so far. Even the Wiki doesn't have much to say about Shifty!

I just finished watching the episode and you know? I'm calling Borderline on Jeff Conaway, too! "I've attempted suicide 21 times!"

Let's move on to American Idol:

Okay, the Father/Son vibe here? SO VERY CREEPY. Now, whateverz -- I'm not opposed to people choosing abstinence for themselves, for whatever reason. Damn, I wish my parents had talked to me more about abstinence and choosing relationships, etc, more than they did. But, dudes... CREEPY AND SO WRONG!!!! (OTOH, it's our first Rymon snark of the AI season, and I'm all over that) As always, Television Without Pity sums it up best:

Bruce Dickson (19, Bastrop TX), who has never kissed a girl or had sex with a woman, and cannot stop talking about it. At 13, his dad gave him a Promise Keepers locket and they got all virginal on each other, and God was like, "This is not what I intended at all." Bruce tries to explain the weird mechanics of their creepy incest lockets, like, the dad has the "heart" and the child has the "key" and one day the "heart" will go to a "lady" but until that day, they're both content with the boy shoving his "key" in the dad's "locket" whenever he feels the urge. Even the show is like, "This makes me want to throw up." If this were a girl and her dad, the authorities would be there in a hot minute, but instead the world is like, "I don't get it, I don't want to get it, the kid looks like everybody in a gay porn anyway." High school wrestling looks up from the floor and asks, "Anybody finding this inscrutable but upsetting nonetheless?" And as if I needed to tell you this, the boy walks exactly like Ryan Seacrest. He is also pretty classically victim-beautiful in that helpless blonde Dennis Cooper way, like you don't let this kid on Greyhound without a chaperone, but the dad just managed to make the whole thing somehow even grosser. Suddenly I was like, "What is A-Fed up to these days?"

Today I went to the gym for the first time since 2000. I was really scared walking in there, but all I could do was just walk in there and get on the treadmill. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and then an upper body workout. One thing that really helped is that the weight machines at the City gym are the same kind I trained on at 24 Hour Fitness, so it came back to me really quickly how to use them, etc. I'm already really sore and I'm sure I'll be paralyzed tomorrow, heh.

Geez, I really need to get some sleep. Yet? Still wide awake. GAH.

Date: 2008-01-18 02:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I liked the next ¶ of the recap even better, especially:

Then, the dad is like, "Ryan, you'll be kind to him?" And Ryan just about explodes with this face of, "You mean like...while I'm fucking him? What are you talking about?" before spitting out, "Trust me, you don't want that either." … "I've kissed a girl today," Ryan says philosophically, staring off into the sunset … Bruce asks for advice and Randy tells him to kiss some girls, and Simon tells him not to let Ryan fuck him. What is going on here?

I hope you slept eventually! I finally kicked my sleeping problems last night, myself.

Date: 2008-01-18 03:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I've known some people with Borderline Personality Disorder and, they are the hardest people to be friends with, EVER. I know it's awful, but as soon as I get that vibe off a person, I just try to steer away. :/


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