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I know I haven't updated re: my weight loss in a long time, but I've lost 93 pounds total! Seven more pounds and I'll have lost an even 100 POUNDS! w00t! Yes, I will definitely post pictures ASAP. With all the craziness going on since March, I just haven't kept up with my pics like I had originally wanted to.

I also went ahead and joined the summer fitness challenge at my gym, that runs from June 30th to August 4th. There were three levels to sign up for: Gold, Silver or Bronze. I went ahead and signed up for Bronze (2 workouts per week). I tend to fall into the mindset that if I'm not doing something, like exercising, OMG EVERYDAY, that I'm not doing it "right." Well, whatever. Twice a week is just going to have to do. I can set higher goals from there.

It's off to Physical Therapy at 8, and then the kidlets and I will head to my office for a few hours. I've loaded my iPod with Pixar movies. Perhaps I'll have them clean my desk while we're there.

Regarding the day camp issue, S and I will just be taking care of the kids ourselves, using our flex time options. We also plan to hire someone to come into the home part-time.

I might try and get my hair cut today. It's been... wow, I think it's been since February, when I went to [ profile] shakespearechic's wedding. With a blunt bob cut, that's WAY too long. I look like The Creeper from Scooby Doo...

Well, have a song: Bizarre Love Triangle covered by Charlotte Martin. I grabbed this from [ profile] audiography this morning and it's a really good cover. Bizarre Love Triangle is one of my most favorite songs ever, so I'm always willing to try a cover of it. This one is great! 4.38 MB (Megaupload)

Yay for short work weeks and upcoming holiday weekends! I've always loved the 4th of July...
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