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Okay, so I haven't had my own computer for two years. My system -- which had done an extremely excellent job for, like, four years --- gave up the ghost right after we moved and we just never got around to getting me a new system of my own, mainly because we have two other useable computers plus Shawn's work-issued laptop. There's something so awesome about having your own pretty-shiny, yes? My supervisor and I got on the subject of computers on Wednesday and she mentioned she had ordered a new Dell XPS desktop system for her family -- the State has a contract with Dell, so all state employees are eligible for discounts on Dell products . . . somehow I had been unaware of this, so Cheryl sent me the link to the program and the codes, etc. I saved $700, so FTW!

I reeeeeeeally went back and forth between this system and a Macbook (the State has a contract with Apple, too). As a true sign of my impending old-fartishness, I erred on the side of practicality than on the side of Teh Shiny. Obviously, we use Dells exclusive at work and I wanted a system that was compatible with that --- I do a lot of work from home. Yes, you can get Office etc for the Mac, but it was more cost effective for me to opt for the Dell.

But, wah, TEH MAC!SHINY!!!! Alas.

Actually, our plan is to purchase a Macbook as well, but that'll be further down the road. I'd like to see how the Air!Mac is received. Oh, my other purchase is a Western Digital external harddrive with 1TB of storage. I'm a media whore, so I thought it would be good to store all my music, movies and TV shows on an external drive. It'll keep the laptop's system running more easily in the long run.


Went out last night to Mezcal for drinks, in my case water, and dinner -- we celebrated [ profile] synthpudor's newfound AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP*! Congratulations, Samir ♥ Then we headed down to PS Lounge for more drinks and pool (and Darling Nikki...) This freak snowstorm blazed through Denver last night around 6:30 p.m. When I got home at 5:30, it was cold but clear. I spent about an hour ordering the Dell, and when I came out of the den there was like three inches of snow accumulated and it was snowing so hard it was falling sideways o_0 I know it's Colorado, but still it was, like, completely unexpected. Good times all around, though, despite the weather. [ profile] tartpants, I almost called you and invited you out, but didn't want to put you on the spot with the bad weather and last minute notice, etc. We really need to have a TV night or something -- I'm downloading The Boosh, btw.

* I informed Samir that I recently learned Costa Rica is, in fact, not an island in the Caribbean. *facepalm* Yeah, geography -- welcome to it, Jules.


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