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Busy weekend, this one. I spent most of the day cooking and doing food prep. Tomorrow, I'm having my mom and step-dad for dinner. We always do our gift exchange on either Christmas Eve or thereabouts, so the kids can have time to appreciate their gifts from Grandma and Grandpa before the deluge that is Christmas morning. That said, to be fair to myself, I don't provide a deluge of gifts for my kids -- they have five presents each, plus stocking stuffers. I hit the dollar store -- you know, the dollar store has some interesting stuff if you're willing to sort through the bins. Anyhow, tomorrow night's menu consists of: Beef Bourguinon, fresh carrots prepared in butter and baked new potatoes with Parisien herbs. For dessert I'm just serving chocolate-covered bing cherries from Harry & David. The beef is marinading right now.


I am also brining a turkey, which I will roast tomorrow. I usually buy a turkey at Christmas time, as they're cheap. I freeze the meat for casseroles and soups. I cooked the gizzards for a gravy base and fed the liver and heart to the dogs (after whirling it in the food processor)

I have two items to purchase tomorrow: more Christmas cards and a foursome of M*A*C eyeshadows for my niece. After that, I'm done with my shopping. Hmm, I'm almost tempted to go tonight and just get it over with. *ponders* I mean, it's going to suck either way . . . hmm. I mailed out 20 cards on Tuesday, but ran out of cards! This gave me time to complete a 2007 holiday letter. I haven't done a holiday letter in like five years, but I've always enjoyed it traditionally. It's good to get back into the swing of things.

Also, I'm three months out from my surgery, so I suppose more "AFTER" pictures will soon by forthcoming.

I've decided to do the Year in Review meme, but I'll make that a separate post.


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